Random notes from my Ica notebook

Some more thoughts about Peru

Chicken farms: as we rode down from Lima to Ica in the bus, we passed many giant chicken farms near the ocean. Have you ever smelled a chicken farm in the United States? It smells just the same along the Pacific Peruvian coast…the salty sea air does nothing to cut the stench. I like chicken, and the Peruvians do, too. But, P.U.!

Nature studies and Chifa: On our one R&R day on this trip, we went to Islas Ballestas, kind of a small version of the Galapagos Islands, and the guano there is pretty stinky, too. We really enjoyed seeing the sea lions jockeying for a spot in the sun, the penguins waddling around and the beautiful indigenous birds. Turns out that the Chinese population of Peru first arrived to shovel guano on these shores and went on to be successful community members. Everyone loves chifa, the Chinese-Peruvian food found in most every town.

Huacachina: A small oasis amongst the dunes, Huacachina is a fun little village. We danced one night at a place called Huaca-$%&@-China and we sandboarded via dune buggy on our R&R day. Apparently a princess fell in love with a commoner, and looked in a mirror and became a mermaid after her father hunted down her lover…or was it that the commoner abducted her? Anyway, she’s a magical mermaid now. Or something like that. Just keep dancing and sandboarding!

More later on our cultural adventures in Ica.
Yours in healing,

Shari Salzhauer Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, SPARC Lab
Dept of Communication Disorders
Mercy College
Dobbs Ferry, NY


About Shari Salzhauer Berkowitz

Shari is a speech language pathologist and assistant professor of communication disorders at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.
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