I made a bunch of TV/ radio commercials for our trip, to get the word out. Apparently, there is a certain amount of free airtime for non profits, same as we have in the US. You have no idea how short 30 seconds can be until you try to squeeze a whole mess of info into your non-native language. I was concerned that my Spanish would make the Peruvians cringe, but Luis, a Peruvian surgeon living in Florida and Peru, says our American accents are considered “adorable.”
Here’s the video:
TV spot – clefts


About Shari Salzhauer Berkowitz

Shari is a speech language pathologist and assistant professor of communication disorders at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.
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One Response to Videos

  1. GS says:

    El video es muy bien Doctore Shari Berkowitz. Tengas un buen viaje!

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